how many bikes fit in a 6×12 trailer Brampton ON

 · I have an enclosed 6×12 trailer that we have hauled as many as three bikes in at one time. The trailer is currently setup with two Condor chocks (up front) and was used to haul my Hayabusa and the wife’s mean streak at the same time – all the way to Arkansas BTW!

 · you should be able to fit two full dressed out bikes in a 6×12 enclosed as long as you offset the wheel chocks front to back where the bars/fairings aren’t.

 · I have hauled my Big Dog Mastiff and my FXDX in a 6×12 trailer and it was tight side to side. I also hauled the FXDX and the FJ1200 in the same trailer and there was a little bit more room, I could take either bike out without having to take the other out. I just can not see how you would haul 4 motorcycles in a 6×12 without stacking them.

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6×12 Trailer setups – Moto-Related – Motocross Forums. –  · I almost bought a 6×12 identical to your trailer, I opted for a trailer with 6 extra inches of headroom. More than likely my trailer will only see 1 bike, but I plan to set it up for 3 total. I planned on 2 forward and 1 backwards, but it looks like 3 fit forward half way decent.

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I'm looking to trailer 2 streetglides and can get my hands on a 6'x12'. Only way I' d try it with a 6×12 is pulling in the first bike forward, setting it on its. But I went with a 7×12 (had to buy new since I could not find any used).

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 · If 4 bikes is your goal then I’d go 7×12 so the 4th bike can be side ways behing the front 3 and yes this will require a dual axle. However, you are climbing up in weight and cost. If you can settle for 3 bikes in the trailer a 6×12 single axle will match your tow capacity much better.

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